Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quick Update.


The kids did really, really well, aka, no meltdowns. What a blessing that was.

We are fighting to get past the "sleep and eat" jet lag problems. (It's not just a sleeping thing. Elijah gets up at 2am starving because he has not had lunch.)

Things are great as we have seen some family and friends with more on the way. I love some of the jet lag pictures that we've taken over the last year and a half. This is the latest addition.

Rachel enjoyed catching up with Papa and Nana Mouser.

I warned you it would be quick.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Some new bicycle pictures.

Small bridges, like this one, are common in the water villages.
This is one of my favorite pics with the scenery and reflection.
Ever wonder where the green onions at your grocery store come from?
We stumbled upon a buddhist temple. They were intrigued by the bikes.
See ya soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finally, some vacation pictures. Oh, and we arrive back in Holland April 24, 6pm @ Grand Rapids.

Whole lot of sea and mountains in Sanya, China. This was an early morning when we were hunting for shells.
After a hard morning of picking up shells.
Rachel loves the backpack. It's hard to believe that Elijah loved the backpack when we moved to China.
We had a nice apartment to stay in with a view of some mountains.
Family shot. Elijah was the only that peeled at all from sunburn. Just on his arms. I'd say we did pretty well considering Dad is the Great White Hope.
Evening shot from our balcony.
Rachel and Daddy.
Mommy and Elijah.

The restaurant plaza across from the hotel was super and convenient.
Anna learned how to walk on water.
The grass is always greener in Sanya.
Wow, the scenery looks pretty good on that beautiful family!
We headed to downtown for a visit to McDonald's.

Well, that's the super abridged version of vacation!!!

The biggest news is that we head back on April 24! So, be on the lookout.....We are excited to see y'all!!!!