Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rachel is part fish

She loves the water. Vacation next week at the beach/pool should be fun.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bicycle Riding in the city

The big lights of the city are next to the old areas. Many of these areas are being torn down to put up bigger skyscrapers. We rode in and out of alley ways similar to this one. Those are residential homes lining the alley. There's an outdoor sink below the hanging laundry.

"Street food" vendors congregate in large bunches throughout the city. We stopped for a fried pancake with some green onions inside. Gerrit took a turn flipping.
I was doing about 30 MPH in this photo. : )
I like to sneak peeks into the homes on my way by. I see everything from rudimentary kitchen ovens to TVs to beds. Often I see the residents "doing life".
Xintandi is a popular expat area that caters to expats with upscale restaurants and a Starbucks. On warmer weather days, we have 10-12 riders.
To get to the big city areas, we have to cross the river. Dozens of ferries offer the chance to take a boat ride. This is the entrance to one such ferry. I think we paid about 12 cents each, including our bike.
We often see market areas where they are selling everything from meat to vegetables. Vegetables are there on the left.
This street offered more space than the alleyways.
The market areas often are very congested, creating some tight spots to squeeze through.
The older chinese women are so cute but normally very camera shy. I've found that I can catch them "off guard" when I'm moving along on my bike.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's pleasant here, east of Tibet

Aimee and I were watching CNN international TV Friday night when a story came on about the violent protesting and anti-protesting in Tibet. After about 30 seconds, the channel blacked out. I was reminded again that freedom of speech is not in the cards here.

Beyond that sticky discussion, we've been enjoying the nice weather this weekend. Temperatures have been in the upper 50's. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

David Beckham

The global phenomenon now plays for the LA Galaxy of the USA's pro league. They have played some exhibition matches worldwide simply because this Beckham fellow draws recognition of the same magnitude as Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Michael W. Smith. OK, maybe I got carried away with the Michaels.

Anyway, I went to see the Galaxy play a China All-star team at Shanghai stadium. It was surpisingly entertaining. Beckham has still got some skills left and assisted on the Galaxy's first goal by lobbing a perfert placed crossing shot. It collided with a teammate's head and popped into the back of the net.

I went with a small group friend and his son. A good time was had by all, especially the chinese girls near us that screamed "DAV-ID" every time pretty boy got the ball.

Not that pictures of this guy mean much to you, but when you post a blog about David Beckham, I think pictures kinda come along for the ride.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Photo Barrage

We've been delinquent and needed a kickstart from a bed-ridden friend who tells great stories on her blog (see the "Global Meyer Minutes" on your right).

I've heard of red eye but this is a little ridiculous.
Our new favorite restaurant is the authentic Turkish one across the street from church. Anna declared it her favorite first.
The kids liked this dragon boat on the Huang Pu.
When Aimee needed to try on a new skirt at the fabric market, they prepared a typical "dressing room"

There are streets like this throughout Shanghai.
For a metropolis, Shanghai does a good job of mixing in some green space. We have been enjoying the warm (mid-40's to 50) weather.
Ice Cream is not hard to find at the Super Brand Mall. McDonald's and Dairy Queen both serve it up.
Rachel makes a nice accessory to any wardrobe lacking in "cuteness".