Sunday, May 29, 2011

BBQ #1

We had 33 work colleagues over for a BBQ a week ago. It was certainly the largest group we've ever hosted. The whole family had a lot of fun. We BBQ'd chicken kebabs. Aimee made desserts and a very popular spaghetti dish with bacon (always a winner with bacon). We ordered in a popular, local spicy pork dish. They hammered everything except the massive amounts of rice we prepared. Apparently, they don't fill up on rice if other great food is available. Lessons learned for next time!

Of course any get-together is going to include basketball with the guys. The quality of play is better with this group than in 2007/2008. I've officially become a role player.
They really enjoyed hanging with the kids. Samuel was finishing up his weekly chores as the party started. No slackin' allowed.
Elijah found a new goalkeeper.
We filled our grill along with the neighbors'. The chicken was very popular as Aimee used an asian seasoning.
Unfortunately, the after-dark photos did not turn out real well. Aimee decorated with candle table lights. Our yard includes some ground lights which really helped too. They enjoyed playing card games, listening to music, and chatting.
This is the best group shot we could find. Ryan explained how God orchestrated a return to China. (Translator in the green shirt.)
They surprised kids with a Wii. That has been a big hit this week. And all arguments now get resolved in the boxing game.

We look forward to getting to know these folks better in the future. Some of them have become great friends interested in hanging with us. We certainly share that sentiment!

Happy Memorial Day to all you in the US!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Defending the Fanny Pack

I was traveling via subway today and realized why it's so easy to wear a fanny pack in China. I mean, it's very practical when you need to haul paraphernalia associated with 4 children. A diaper, hand sanitizer, tissues (most public restrooms do not have tp), various snacks, rabbit foot (jk), small toys and the like. It's also home to the wallet, phone, keys, maps, and other necessities. But beyond the infinite practicality, there's another reason. How can you feel bad about wearing a fanny pack when there are so many other 'bag violations' for guys. I snapped these photos in about 7 minutes time amongst random people in the subway. Check it out.

The Satchel.
Even if this guy pleads that he was simply holding it for his girlfriend, you NEVER sling it over your shoulder. At minimum, adopt the "football" hold and abandon the strap. But of course, there is no love for securing the pigskin here. Pity.
You might find American guys with a bag like this, but if you're going to sling it over your shoulder, compliment it with a teddy bear sweater.
Minor infraction.
Now, this doesn't look quite so offensive, does it?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I added a gadget playlist and it plays poorly from China. Not to mention some of the tracks are youtube videos recorded by amateurs. Does it stream well in the US? If no, I'm going to delete as I know our blog readers DEMAND excellence and world-class blogging. Haha.

If nothing else, you get to hear what's at the top of our iTunes Playlist.

Over and out.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bowman Vacation

Hey y'all, we had a nice respite in Southern China. We returned to the exact same hotel we stayed at twice before (in the firstChina Tour of Duty). In fact, I think we had the same rooms this time as last. See pics for some scoop. Thanks for checking in!!

Always on the cutting edge of practical fashion, kickin' the fanny pack.

"Stay hydrated Elijah."
Rachel stays hydrated
Samuel did well in his ring.
Action shot.
Anna in torpedo position.
Elijah got the camera and snapped photos of every furniture piece, hinge, floor board and lego creation he could find.
Catching shade at the beach.
We spent 1/5 days at the beach. The kids preferred the pools. Mom and Dad liked the sea water because of the cooler temp.
With camoflauge.

We picked up googles for these 2 in Shanghai. I don't think they ever came off their noggans.
Googles galore.

Hope you are doing well! And we have confirmed that we'll be back in the US mid-July to mid-August. Hope to see many of you then!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Park in Songjiang

We visited a park with some old gangster friends of ours, the Meyer family. See below for details.

The Matriarchs.
Lots of stone artwork in the various walkways.
We liked this outdoor hallway.
Big door versus Little Rachel
Some of the crew. Fortunately, no one got wet despite lots of water hazards.
They had a dozen or so Bonsai trees, all blooming in various colors. This one looked beautiful until we put Aimee next to it. Then, it seemed a bit dull.

And for the final picture below, (not sure why I can't place the caption below), this was a neat picture frame.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Aimee's Birthday @ Shanghai Botanical Garden

We partied in the evening but visited the aforementioned SBG in the day. It was as a good a birthday one can get without extended family. We made the most of it but miss you all in the USA!! Here are some highlight pics.

Statisticians have shown that the probability of getting 1 adult and 4 children under the age of 9 to look at a camera simultaneously is 1 in 14,732 (includes the father yelling threats). We did not have time to take that many pics.
The park was extremely well done with millions of flowers and well sculptured bushes and shrubs. Edward Scissorhands manages the sculpting department.
Happy Birthday Mom from the kiddos!
My peeps. (Not the kind sold at Easter.)
Aimee and Rachel dodging a garden mass transit bus.
Really cool bridge. It's impossible to get this shot with no bystanders. I didn't even bother trying. The guy in the foreground was thinking the same thing.
No picking dude.
Brothas at it again.