Saturday, March 28, 2009

Engaging culture

Thought-provoking debate, hosted by Nightline, about the existence of Satan. Inevitably, the discussion drifted across multiple topics including the resurrection, salvation, and the return of Christ. Cool stuff.

Follow the link for one of the segments:

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Quick and easy. Here is a handful of pictures of our trip to Mexico, celebrating 10 years of marriage. Had a great time despite some abnormally cool weather.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biking in Shanghai

My biking friend, Evart, posted a great video of a recent bike ride in Shanghai. I saw a lot of unique scenery when riding in Shanghai, including sights similar to those in the video. Lots of memories. Thanks Evart for posting it.

"Oh My Word"


I fully predicted the words that would come out of your mouth when you looked upon the Bowman Blog today. Call me gifted. I think that's why my kindergarten teacher called me "special". She knew.

We just haven't updated because we've been flat out staying out of trouble. You know, the whole China thing completely scrambled our lives. Reading our blog was like reading the headlines of your national newspaper...."Trains collide in Scranton" "Ryan is running of deodorant" "Sully lands in the Hudson" "Anna successfully pee'd in a chinese toilet" and the headlines go on.

There is one update...our adoption continues to progress. Aimee is the leader of this process for our family so if you want specifics, talk to her. If you ask me, you're going to get something like, "Uh, yeah, we are going to submit our 'dossey hey' this year. And then we'll probably wait about 12 to 48 months, give or take, before we can pick her up."

In reality, I just tend to take it one month at a time. If I get too worked up about timelines, the months will start to feel like weeks. I don’t need that.

For the adoption, the Chinese government wants to see our family with others. Here are pics that have been taken with that in mind, though not all of these will make the final cut. Some of you look too deranged. If you have the time and a camera, snap photos with us soon. Photoshop also works too.

And Happy Birthday Ryan Krauss.

My sister Megan, her husband Derek, and son Evan
Our friends Ryan, Missy, and Joshua.

My grandparents.

The Bowman clan.

Aimee's sisters Joy and Heather.
Aimee's parents.
Aimee's sister Heather and husband Dave.