Sunday, August 17, 2008

When I blog, I REALLY blog!

I really try to blog... I take pictures all of the time thinking "these would be really great pictures for the blog".... I just never actually get around to putting them on the blog. That is kind of an important part of the blogging process, right? So this is the blog of all blogs where I have looked for all of the pictures that I have wanted to post over the summer and have put them all in one! This is the scrapbook of our summer (more or less)

Anna learning to ride without training wheels!!!! Go Anna

More pictures of our time at the cabin with Gramma and Papa from the other camera.

Picking strawberries early this summer.

Megan and sweet baby Evan came to visit us for a day... Isn't he CUTE????

Playing at Lake MI.

Kate joined us for the Ottawa County Fair. Elijah was very concerned with my driving skills. He asked why I was crashing into everyone. :)

Blueberry picking is a whole family affair.

Anna took ballet lessons this summer. She loved coming home and teaching Elijah what she learned. He had some of his own cool skills to show too.

Anna after an evening with the street performers of Holland.
Rachel is walking. For weeks she has been walking with fingers but in the past couple of days has been taking steps by herself. It won't be long.

More pictures from when we went to the cabin over the 4th.

4-Wheelin', Fishin', and Fun

We had a great visit with Papa and Gramma Bowman up at the cabin a couple weeks back. The highlight for the kids (and Ryan) was riding the quads. Everyone got to do some serious off-roading. I wish we had gotten some video of Aimee whipping through the woods at break neck speed but I was afraid of loosening my white knuckle grip on the bar ends. There was also a lot of fishing including "the one that got away".

Here are a few pictures.