Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We applied many lessons learned for this transition. Revisiting old blog entries flagged a major improvement......I've got at least 3 new deodorants in tow plus the plane shipment will be delivered much sooner.

Historic details found here

Construction Zone

Yikes, it's been a while since we blogged. And though you may disagree, we feel like we are coming back into some "blog-worthy" material as we return to Shanghai. Life with 4 kids in the USA is less newsworthy than the same life amongst 21 million Chinese people. Our return to Shanghai is different this go round as we are living outside the "bubble" of other expatriates.

The travel plans have slipped one day due to some issues with the airline so we fly tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

May pictures

A fun evening at a park.

The kids have been loving the hot weather and playing in the pool.

Joy with her new baby girl, Leia. She is so precious!

All 6 of us together!

A morning of school

Rachel loves being a big sister
A special family dinner outing.

It's amazing what happens when the baby toys come out!

Our four precious treasures!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I have been neglecting the blog... what is new? :) Here are some updated pics going back in time. I am too lazy/tired to put them into the correct order.

the first ride in the burley.

Rachel loves to pull Samuel around in the wagon but got in for the picture.

Monday morning, Anna and Elijah had gymnastics... getting everyone ready and out the door wasn't too bad.

The Hazards surprised us to welcome Samuel and Ryan and I home. We love you guys!

Friday, the night before we flew out, was my birthday and Ryan, my amazing husband, planned a surprise bday/welcome Samuel party with my best friends from China. What an amazing birthday gift to be able to see such beloved friends again before heading home. Again, I am terrible with taking pictures so never think of it until people are leaving so we missed the Wongs and other great picture opportunites. Thank you, Ryan!!!!! This picture is of my dear friend Flo and her family. We stayed with them during our Shanghai days.

My dear friend, Lisa, and her family.
My dear friends Emily and Rebecca. I miss you all already!

Elise and Samuel.

The last night that our adopting group was together, we had a pizza party in the hall so here are a couple of pictures of that. They also surprised me with a cake--thank you again! We really were blessed with a great travel group. It was so fun to become friends with the other families.

We went on a river cruise with our travel group. It was beautiful.

Ryan and Samuel feeding the fish cereal.

The flight went well. Neither Ryan nor I want to be in a plane for a while again but we are home! It was WONDERFUL to see Anna, Elijah, and Rachel again, and amazing to see how quickly they bonded with Samuel.
Since being back, the first couple of days we had to really work with Samuel for him to not sleep during the day but at night and he is doing so well. Last night, he slept 11 hours without waking once and is doing fine just taking one nap during the day. Anna and Samuel have bonded immediately. Elijah loves playing with Samuel and they are continuing to bond. Rachel is struggling a bit. She loves to hold "baby Sam'l" who doesn't seem to like being held by someone not much bigger than him. I think this relationship will take the most time. She really likes him and wants to play with him but struggles when Mommy holds or help Samuel and can't hold her at the same time. As we have been out and about a lot and Samuel cannot walk, this has been quite often. I hope that tomorrow we can be home a bit more so that I can focus on spending time with each of the kids.
It has been busy, but it has been wonderful! I am so thankful for God's goodness poured out on us! Thanks for checking in on us!