Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bowman Christmas 2011


Finally have made time to get some pictures uploaded. Sorry for the lack of sharing. We intend to do better in the future, but you've heard that before. : )

Aimee has been awfully crafty lately. She crocheted several scarves as gifts and Elijah bagged this one!!

Elijah spotted this sheepskin in Ikea several weeks ago and it showed up on his Christmas list. He now pretends he's a hunter and/or Native American plus he sleeps with it. Nice.
Anna and Elijah closeup.
Anna and Elijah zoom out.

Sammy Bammy showing off a new Cars shirt.
More Lightning, pardon the storage bin (we are preparing for a move cross town.)
This Kodak moment materialized quickly while Sammy was taking care of other business. Have I mentioned that he goes #2 on the toilet now?
Aimee bought this bracelet kit right under Anna's nose in Hobby Lobby, USA. Anna was shocked.
Rachel and Sammy both opened tons of new play food, pots, pans, tea sets, and dinnerware. Aimee crafted much of the food herself....see cupcake in lower left.
More of Aimee's craftiness, check out my new blanket. She crocheted this with locally bought yarn. She's found a great yarn market here in West Shanghai.
Samuel is growing up so fast. He turned 3 in November.
The homemade (literally) food that was gifted to Rachel.
Aimee and Rachel.

We missed all of you this Christmas!! We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line here on the blog or via Facebook. Hope to post again soon.